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Our Story

The Birth of Kurin Organics

It all began when Ian wanted to wash his new car.
Don’t worry, it will all make more sense soon.
As you can imagine, the love and protectiveness one has for a new car is unconditional. That’s why Ian went on a long online journey in search of the perfect cleaning products to treat his beloved new ride. He soon realised that while there’s an endless supply of cleaning products out there, the commercial laundry detergent industry is lacking some much-needed innovation.
After enduring a sleepless night full of tossing, turning, and pondering over potential opportunities, Ian stepped into his new ride and drove over to Leong’s workplace to discuss the idea of a new start-up.
Enter Leong, with the Ph.D. in Biochemistry and valuable knowledge about nature. After hearing about sleep-deprived Ian’s brain wave, Leong saw potential in customisable, naturally derived products. From then on, the two started exploring this new-found venture, and soon, Kurin Organics made its appearance into the detergent world.

It All Makes Scents Now…

Japanese ideals and craftmanship inspire all Kurin Organics' products. The attention to detail, commitment to perfection, and drive for excellence motivated us to name this venture “Kurin”, meaning “clean” in Japanese.
Our tagline, “Where texture meets nature,” represents our vision and goal to take an innovative lead in the industry by producing honest, safe, eco-friendly, and tailormade products to ultimately enhance every cleaning experience. 

Why Choose Kurin Organics?

Each and every Kurin product is crafted with utmost care and consideration for both Mother Earth and you as the consumer. Our resident biochemists handpick only the best plant-based, non-invasive ingredients for each of our products – leaving you with 100% natural, high-quality cleaning products.
As consumers ourselves (yes, we’re human too - believe it or not!), we grew tired of using products that claim to be natural or “good for the earth”. Transparency + honesty = our promise to you, with a no-BS policy!
Along with our sustainability practises, we strive to reduce wastage as much as possible. Thus, all our products are packed in biodegradable packaging and shipped right to your doorstep so you can grab it with your morning newspaper.
Kurin Organics made a major promise we intend to uphold for as long as you’re using our products. That vow includes providing 100% natural, non-invasive cleaning products so you can live the most natural lifestyle.
Join the natural side of life. Purchase your Kurin Organics detergents today!