About Us

Kurin Organics is a subscription-based designer laundry detergent that is customisable, plant-based, and 100% biodegradable. The word Kurin comes from the Japanese word that means clean. We were inspired by the attention to detail and strive for perfection, that is the hallmark of Japanese craftsmanship. Our tagline "Where texture meets nature" reinforces our vision to lead the industry with products that are safe, eco-friendly, and are tailormade to maximise user experience. It all started when one of the founders (Ian Ling), who had recently bought a new car and was scouring the web for the best cleaning products, realised that while most of the cleaning industry is saturated, there hasn't been substantial innovation in commercial laundry detergents for decades. After having spent a sleepless night pondering on potential opportunities, Ian drove to Kok Leong 's(co-founder) workplace at 6am the next morning with the idea of a startup. Armed with a PhD in Biochemistry, Leong saw the potential in a customisable and naturally-derived product and began to explore the venture.