Indigo Denim Wash


Extraordinary Fades, Zero Compromise

Indigo denim wash features Kurin's patented Deep Indigo™ technology, which removes dirt and debris, kills bacteria, and eliminates odour— all while ensuring as little dye as possible bleeds off your precious jeans/raw denim clothing, helping you achieve great fades without compromising on smell and hygiene.

Each box contains 12 sachets. Each sachet can be used to wash up to 2 pieces of denim clothing.

  • Pour one sachet of Indigo Denim Wash into 6 litres of cold/room temperature water.
  • Soak denim in solution for 15mins. Mild agitation by hand and longer soak time (up to 60mins) may be required depending on extent of staining.
  • Rinse denim under running water until water runs clear.
  • Drip dry denim, in a well ventilated environment
No more stinky denim, finally

No more stinky denim, finally

Patented Deep Indigo™ technology eliminates odour-causing bacteria and breaks down stains at a molecular level without stripping away precious fabric dye.

Keeping the fades you love

Keeping the fades you love

Indigo Denim Wash was made for raw denim lovers by raw denim lovers to achieve those to-die-for whiskers and honeycombs while staying clean and smelling fresh.

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